Energy News – October 2017

21st June 2018

Stobart Energy, once again, had a striking presence at this year’s Recycling and Waste Management Show at the NEC Birmingham in September. Whilst the main focus was to promote our Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) and Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) capabilities, it also served to highlight our recent achievements in the biomass sector as well as those in other areas of the Group. Our new stand proved to be extremely effective in driving footfall, resulting in positive engagement with our target market.  Staff from the Contracts & Quality, Procurement and Transport teams, manned the stand during the three-day event and were briefed daily to ensure all potential RDF and SRF opportunities were explored. The show proved to be beneficial in terms of developing new leads, networking and capturing many fresh ideas, so thanks to all responsible for the organisation beforehand and management during the event.

Yesterday, the first loads of dried paper crumb were produced at the Widnes Drying Facility. This material, which is a by-product of paper recycling, is usually sent to landfill or land-spread but by utilising the low-grade heat produced from generating electricity at the adjacent Combined Heat and Power Plant, the wet sludge has been dried down to 5% moisture content, removing almost 400kgs of water from every tonne. It is then distributed by Stobart Transport to farms all over the UK, where it will replace expensive straw and sawdust as a dry, clean bedding for cows.