Energy News – November 2016

8th December 2016

The Stobart wood processing facility at Widnes received its first delivery of wood this week. After several weeks of testing and training, the team were fully prepared to commence with the production of the first batch of material. The first delivery of wood fuel to the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant for commissioning is planned for 12 December.



At Tilbury 2, concrete has continued to be laid by the impressive paving machine with the site now nearly 70% covered. The areas left are the in-fills which are being completed.


The weighbridge at Tilbury 2 is now a lived-in building with the bridges calibrated and temporary power supplies allowing the setup and commissioning of site systems etc.

The site adjacent to Tilbury Green Power Station is to be the home of the fixed plant processing facility, which by next Summer should be processing all of the fuel needed for the boiler and then some!

The handover of the building which houses the plant, to Stobart Biomass, is due to take place any time now, at which point our construction team will move in and begin the Mecano-like assembly of multiple conveyors, screens and hammer mills, all provided by HAAS. The installation programme is detailed and will run over the next six months. Along the way there are still many interfaces and challenges to overcome but the end result will be a plant and site we can all be proud of.