Energy News – May 2018

21st June 2018

I’m pleased to report that Phase 1 of the new Blinx System, which includes ticket creation and vehicle planning, has now gone live. Throughout April, Blinx staff were on site in Widnes and Lamberhurst working alongside our Energy teams to ensure a smooth transition, enabling issues to be resolved and new features, based on user feedback, to be introduced. So far, we have created a total of 3,474 tickets in the first 10 days and over the next few weeks, will roll out live ETA’s to both the Procurement and Transport teams and supply a shunt planning board. Later in May, we will start work on the Site Operations and Contract Management modules. Thanks go to all those involved in the roll-out.

It’s exciting news that the first wood firing of the Templeborough Power Plant in Rotherham will take place tomorrow, Saturday 5 May. This is a critical part of the testing process which involves bringing the plant up to full working temperature using oil, at which point wood will then be introduced with the whole process taking around 24 hours. Commercial operations are due to commence at the end of the summer and will generate just over 41MW of green electricity, enough to supply 78,000 homes. The material will be supplied via our own supply chain, the majority of which will be processed at our site nearby.

I am also proud to announce that one of our own staff, John Reid, is to be honoured with a National Award for Bravery nominated by Sussex Police Force. John, who is a Site Manager at Shoreham Port, rescued the driver of a vehicle that unfortunately went into the water at the Port last September. Whilst the safety of our staff is paramount, we do commend John on his bravery.