Energy News – March 2018

21st June 2018

The new office building in Widnes is swiftly taking shape with the addition of the main staircase now installed. Located opposite our drying facility and the power plant, the building will be fitted with the latest technology and create a bright and modern working environment for staff from various divisions of the Group. We look forward to completion although I hear the race is on between Widnes and Carlisle to see which teams will get moved into their new homes first!

Stobart Energy is working with Blinx to develop a new, bespoke end-to-end supply chain IT system. Designed with Stobart and delivered over three phases during 2018, the system will allow all parts of the business (Procurement, Transport, Operations, Quality and Contract Management) to work as one team to ensure Stobart Energy delivers its strategic goals. Demonstrations have been held for employees in Widnes, Penrith and Lamberhurst last week to raise awareness ahead of the roll-out of Phase 1 (Procurement and Transport) at the end of March, with positive feedback received so far. The roll-out of Phase 2 (Operations and Contract Management) is planned for June 2018 and Phase 3 (Business Intelligence, Analytics, Alerts & Alarms) is planned for October 2018.

We are pleased to have taken delivery of the first Stobart Energy Quality Control van. It will be used to collect fuel samples from supplier sites and transport equipment between Stobart lab facilities and the various power stations. These measures will help ensure that all samples are analysed in a timely fashion, and all material destined for our customers is produced and delivered to the required fuel specification. Eventually there will be three new vans within the Energy business.