With its own designated fleet, Stobart Wood Fuel collections and deliveries are made using specialist Walking Floor and chipliner trailer technology.

Stobart Wood fuel has its own, dedicated transport fleet alongside access to a 200 strong fleet provided by Stobart Biomass Transport, giving the company the ability to provide an industry-leading bespoke logistics solution. With vehicles based throughout the UK, the dedicated transport planning and management team takes a strategic approach that is fully capable of meeting demands, whilst providing maximum focus on the special needs and expectations of customers, large and small.


Most transport work is covered by ‘Walking Floors’ and ‘Chipliners’, but the Stobart Wood Fuel operation also encompasses a variety of specialist log trailers, tippers and blower trucks, including special short wheelbase vehicles for awkward access sites. Walking floor trailers are rigid sided units which utilise a series of contra sliding floor planks to ‘self-tip’ material. The ability to unload without the need for a large scale loading shovel or tipping trailer makes the unit ideal for the often confined, low roofed storage buildings used to ensure material retains its optimum moisture content. Chipliners are roof loaded trailers with flexible sides that significantly increase carrying volume which are unloaded by ‘pushing’ the material out of the open curtain sides using a loading shovel. Working in many of the more inaccessible areas of the UK and during some of the most challenging weather conditions, Stobart Wood Fuel offers exceptional reliability of delivery.

Vehicle Dimensions

Download Vehicle Dimensions A4 PDF