Fuel Supply

Stobart Wood Fuel is a subsidiary business of Stobart Biomass Products, the UK’s leading biomass supplier.  Our team has built a strong track record in supplying a range of materials that meet specific individual customer requirements.

A drive to offer a broad range of biomass products has seen Stobart Wood Fuel make significant investments over recent years in both operating sites and processing machinery.  This investment and resource has helped meet growing challenges of sourcing materials from all feedstock types.

Stobart Wood Fuel has worked closely with tree surgeons and forestry contractors to develop and ever-expanding network of regular collection and processing points across the UK.  Each site is carefully selected to combine close proximity to both the producers and the end users, minimising transport requirements, cutting costs and carbon emissions as a result.

The key issues affecting the biomass fuel market today are the reliability, quality and sustainability of material supply.  Stobart Wood Fuel draws on a large national network of virgin wood, recycled timber and refuse derived fuel suppliers; paired with our extensive sector experience, in-house processing and transport, ensures high quality of material and consistency of fuel availability, as well as enabling the company to meet the day-to-day requirements of even the largest customer.

Stobart Wood Fuel are constantly developing new biomass sources, adding to our ever-growing processing and supply network chain and investigating the potential of new fuel types. Stobart Wood Fuel and Stobart Biomass has a large enough supply network capable of supporting large scale extended contracts of up to 25 years.

The solution for the UK fuel buyer is to select a supplier with the knowledge, capacity and expertise to meet demand; a supplier with the environmental credentials to match its customers’ own objectives and the resources to meet the requirements of their contracts.  Stobart Wood Fuel is trusted by the key players in the provision of bio-fuelled energy because it has a proven track record in meeting these essential criteria.

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