Virgin Wood Biomass

  • V2

    The V2 material is 100% Virgin sourced. The specification has a sizing range of G50-G100, the reason being is because the material is made from tree surgery by product which is dried <30% and screened for oversize. Due to the nature and source of this product, the client needs to expect that it will be variable in species mix and particle size. It would be your judgement on whether you think your feed system can handle the larger pieces. (suggest sample or trial load).

    The material is far more superior than recycled A grade, the main points being:

    • Cleaner fuel
    • Less wear and tear on boiler
    • No ferrous and none ferrous metals
    • No oversize (We screen for oversize)
    • Do not require part B permit to burn fuel

  • V1

    Hardwood and softwood chips are supplied in a series of sizes; G30, G50 and G100 Various different biomass boilers will best suit specific fuel chip types and sizes; typically small domestic boilers use the G30 chip which has a maximum surface area of 3cm2, whereas G50 are 5cm2 and G100 10cm2 – with a maximum particle length of 8.5cm, 12cm and 25cm respectively. The largest size of woodchips will normally be burned in commercial boilers and utility power plants. We offer supply of this material at 25%-30% moisture content.