Stobart Wood Fuel draws upon a large national network of virgin wood, recycled timber and refuse derived fuel.  A drive to offer a broad range of biomass products has seen significant investments in both operating sites and processing machinery.  This investment and resource has helped meet the challenges of sourcing materials from all feedstock types including forestry, wood recycling and other waste streams.  The ability to source these materials has ensured consistency of fuel availability, as well as enabling the company to meet the day to day requirements of all our customers.


Virgin Wood Biomass

Virgin biomass is material being used for the first time.  Typically this is made up of low grade timber, forestry and tree surgery pruning, and new timber offcuts collected during milling or manufacturing. Virgin material often has a fairly high moisture content but it is of a consistent quality, making it particularly suited to smaller commercial and domestic scale biomass energy plants.

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Recycled Biomass

Life expired timber processed into a chip is an excellent biomass fuel.  Recycled fuels are typically made up of pallets, timber manufacturing waste and wood collected from municipal sites and reclamation, with the cleanest, least contaminated wood forming the highest grade fuels. Using recycled biomass fuels means it is both beneficial to the environment and cuts the need for landfill, whilst being a very useful fuel supply.

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