Supplying Commercial Customers

The growing commercial market offers huge opportunities for Stobart Wood Fuel, however this also brings new challenges.

Stobart Wood Fuel have become one of the first wood fuel providers to sign up for the national Woodsure Plus accreditation scheme, which is built around a series of procedures and protocols that result in a comprehensive and fully transparent fuel audit trail. Stringent Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certification offers surety that virgin wood is sourced from certified forests, whilst ‘clean’ grade recycled products are subject to regular chemical analysis to ensure they are free from contamination.

Another important area of concentration for the company has been the drive to ensure customer fuel reception points are constructed to accept efficient deliveries using highly efficient walking floor units. It is important that this is taken into account during facility planning.  The company has been pro-active in working with specifiers and installers to promote best practice design and is also building a fleet of blower wagons to feed more inaccessible storage sites.

Stobart Wood Fuel and its dedicated commercial team are fully equipped to meet these needs.