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In our increasingly carbon-conscious world, the need to combat the threat of global warming is no longer simply a legislative consideration. Low carbon biomass fuels play a valuable role in the generation of heat and power, not just for electricity utilities, but increasingly for industrial and commercial sites.

During the autumn of 2012, it was decided to develop Stobart Wood Fuel, a new section within Stobart Biomass Products. Its role is to provide a robust and sustainable fuel supply to fulfil demand due to the Government-backed Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

RHI provides long-term financial support to encourage businesses to install highly efficient biomass technology as an alternative to oil or gas powered boilers.

Wood Fuel Team

Based in Widnes, Cheshire, Stobart Wood Fuel has national coverage through regional offices and a network of production/storage hubs, supporting local growers and traditional forest industries. Any supply shortfalls in specific areas are plugged by Stobart’s dedicated environmental transport fleet, bringing in resources from nearby hubs. All current and future supply hubs are and will be fully registered under the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) Scheme ensuring sustainable supplies of RHI compliant fuels.

Each customer has an account manager and access to a dedicated team able to provide quality technical and product support. Stobart Wood Fuel works closely with boiler installers and customers to match the correct fuel with each boiler, giving significant increases in boiler performance as well as reducing servicing costs.

Katie Jenkinson

Katie Jenkinson
Commercial Manager

Connor Benson Sales and Administrative Consultant

Connor Benson
Sales and Administrative Consultant

Wood Fuel Manager

Lee Billinge    Wood Fuel Manager



Fuels range from dried virgin woodchips, recycled material and RDF, right through to EN+ wood pellets, with our large delivery fleet able to provide tipped or blown deliveries in domestic and bulk quantities. They can be sold on a spot price basis but most customers are opting for the price stability afforded by a longer term indexed price contract which can last for up to 20 years.

Most fuels are sold on a delivered tonne basis. As an alternative, for the most fuel efficient systems, Stobart Wood Fuel can offer to sell fuel by the energy it produces, measured per kWhr registered on the RHI meter.